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Tits and Arse 8 images

Care not about the consequences of the actions that you part take in right now. For those that will be the judge of your character are those that have skeletons to hide and lies to mask.~

Boss Lady ,7 images

'Follow follow, Through with mischief Armed, like whirlwind Now she flies thee; Time can conquer Love's unkindness; Love can alter Time's disgrace; Till death faints not Then but follow. Could I catch that Nimble traitor, Scornful Rita, Swiftfoot Rita, Soon then would I Seek avengment What's th'avaangment? Even submissely Prostrate then to beg for mercy.'

Its a Sadie thing 5 images

Sadie Lane, Forgive me father for I have sinned, but I can’t seem to stop because I love it oh so much!! I am a hard rockin’ badass motorcycle chick who loves Harley’s, leather, and bad boys with tattoos. There’s nothing better than being dressed in leather from head to toe and feeling the vibration of my Harley between my legs, except maybe a hot boy in leather of his own doing what he does best. When I am not riding the open road, I prefer my time taking pictures for the Darklife where I can unleash my most inner bad girl desires for your viewing pleasure.

chastity 5 images

''We have established these strange equations in our society: Love= Sex; Innocence =lack of sexual knowledge; Loss of innocence = loss of virginity. Very perculiar when our society is so saturated with sexual imagery.'

Its a crying shame ,19 images

'The more she objected the more I longed for her.At last under solemn promise that I would go awayafter,we turned up a short streetleading into a laneby garden-grounds, and hter upagainst a fence I fucked her.Away she went, and never saw her afterwards so to speak , though I have passed her without taking notice.I think that in that parting fuck I had all the pleasure , and she had none.'

Puff .6 images

Smile and say ''I never did worry about the little things''

Duct tape Kisses 21 images

Lies, deceit, betrayal All this time it's been so fake You said you loved me Left my soul for the devil to take Sitting in the darkness Suffocating in my own self pity Wanting to bleed, wanting to die Realizing that you're not fucking worth it. Now I want you to bleed, want you to die Leave you in the darkness Let your body rot. There's nothing more satisfying Than watching you drown yourself In your own fucking bloodbath Go ahead, call on your God to save you. Guess what? Nobody can fucking hear you. Your god doesn't exist If he did, he still wouldn't care! Your screams are defeaning, I wish you'd shut the fuck up. Still say you love me?

cures of the living 6 images

I daydream often .About my past the wrongs that have been done ;both too me and by me.I decend into a violent nacasistic world of revenge and justice of which I am the ultimate vigilante , a seraphine of sorts , a warrior woman; after every vigilante justice nothing is seen of me except the puff of cigar smoke left, as my calling card.

sister sister

me BLOODBATH LOVE I see you, I\'d fuck you, i met you, I fucked you, I want you, I need you, You see me, you\'d fuck me, you met me, you fucked me, you want me, you need me, I love you, need you, breathe you, live you, You love me, need me, breathe me, live me, REALITY FUCKING HIT ME........ You saw me, you\'d fuck me, you met me, you fucked me, you didn\'t want me, you didn\'t need me, You didn\'t love me, need me, breathe me, live me, NOW......BLOODBATH HATRED

Lost it 7 images

''God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change , The courage to change the things I can , And the wisdom to know the difference ''

La la la la lar 14 images

Fillet the flesh, watch the blood squirt, throw that human steak on the grill, ill slowly eat you away, to shut you up, make you disappear, marinate your flesh in your own blood, it tastes so good, but I hate you, regurgitated flesh and hair, I eat the flesh of you I puked up again just to feel your anguish again, I can feel it, taste it, I love it, I love tasting pain, blood, hate, pathetic existence, you pathetic self deficating piece of shit,


''God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change , The courage to change the things I can , And the wisdom to know the difference ''.

Lost it

SLICES OF A FRACTURED MIND Make me beautiful. That’s what you said to me. You smiled, vulpine in presence. Took too much joy from shattered concepts I suppose. Beguiled by your misconceptions of reality. Oh the visions you must have been shown. Can you hear their call? A transmission from me to you. Your eyes so innocent, despite being covered in gallons of gore. A premeditated madness or that last psychotic snap? Now spending your days in the dark, applying lipstick for hours, smearing. Each with a little laugh, followed by a tear. Now you want me to make me beautiful. But don’t you understand? Take solace in the delusion that you never were.

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