Out of touch , out of reality

Big changes happeing , or rather already happened , we just need to update the site , take down a bunch of shit that shouldnt of been here in the first place , but we were abiding by VISA AND MASTERCARDS stupid rules , apparently there is a ”bad word ” list , and i, we wanted to use them as merchants we couldnt use the words ………ie blood , bound and other atrocious words BUT THEY ARE PERFECTLY OK WITH gangbang training and selling pizza fuckign fetish movies ………(sorry I digressed) anyway , one thing I hate is censorship , there should be a law agaisnt it when it comes to any form of”art” as long as you are over 18 , with, ofcourse certain exceptions and if we have morals and arnt a complete and utter loser we know what those limits and boundries are , I dont have to spell it out for you folks .

In saying that , I wanted the darklife.com to be a EROTIC HORROR website , NOT just a bunch of naked women playing around in glitter , or eating cake , ive shot alot of BULLSHIT over the last 6 months to ”abide by the almight V&MC” BUT FUCK THAT SHIT , I dont need this to be a ”members only ”site , if Im going to be censored , especially as my love and passion is for the dark and marcabe , not foo foo fetish porn …..sorry guys , not interested , it sent me insane …again.
So for all my lovely members , i will stop charging you the $9.95 a month and open the site up for all and sundry to see! the pictures will be a lower resolution (you can buy the sets in the store) and we will be selling advertizing space , ive been playing around with this idea for a while , but wanted to fix alot of glips and burps on here and takedown all the embarrasment ..so stay tuned ,im looking at the end of may , but well see.
let the games begin .Mfwic ,xo

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