I found you there. Right where I left you all those years ago. I wanted to preserve you, keep you, make you mine. I would visit you daily, touch your cold skin, and tell you how much I love you. I was sad when you could not reciprocate. But I still let you know I care.
Years later, after my release, I came to find you again. Down that long dirt road, in the sweltering heat of the desert. The refrigerator was old now, like the reflection in the mirror. It was rusted and corroded, just like my heart. No power ran to it, but I had hoped your skin would be just as cool. I opened the door and you greeted me, arms outstretched. Rushing into my embrace, you slipped out of your home and back into my life. Just as beautiful as the day we had met. I am sorry to have been gone for so long.
I wanted to kiss you, but it had been so long, would you still accept me? Would you still listen to my traumas? In this hollow tone? Forever young, at least in my mind, you will always be my outrageous desire. I stroke your skull as your withered bones fall to pieces. I may be insane, but I will always have my memories of you.

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