Cigar Smoke

TRANSMUTATION OF EMPTINESS Cold vapour mist, rising from your lungs. Your heart an inferno, raging desire runs deep in you. I suffocate on your love, a burden I was never prepared for. Crushed by your beauty, mesmerized by your mind. Insanity greeted me long ago, and in sloppy embrace I came to know her. My eagerness having the best of me. I find you warm, and ready. There are words amidst the fog, and with the right set of eyes, you can watch your own doom unfold in the throes of ecstasy. You broke me and discarded me. A limp ragdoll in a mass grave of unrepentant lovers. With my final breath, I will speak your name, bide my time, and see that cold vapour mist invade my darkness, one last time. Finality.

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' I have mastrobated so much tht by now I am madly in love with myself .I am a young woman , beautiful ,I have longings and desires...'

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