Meet the Sirens

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Nikki Sinn

Sleep all day , roam the streets all night , i devour men with grave desire and furious anger ,casting there limp bodies aside I seak out the weak , cast shadows of doubt on there manhood and strenth , they quiver in my presence belly up and wimper for more of me . I have no soul , I believe in nothing except my primal burning desire for lust my body may be warm but my blood runs ice cold to my frozen heart .

Venus L'Strange Model Page

What can I say about me, Venus, that hasn’t been said about the Eiffel Tower or la Seine? I grew up the fourth daughter of a sheep farmer on the Mediterranean Sea. I was not interested in the life of a farm woman and ran away at the age of 16. I became skilled in the ways of hustling and soon began to make promises of flesh for a high price, only to cut and run before paying my debts. My life was catching up to me and twice I was arrested for theft. I met others who were hungry, like me, and we began to plan and follow through with small burglaries at first, and then on to larger ones. The Banque de France and the Banque Française in Paris, the Musée d’Orsay, La Louvre. Nothing ever panned out, but the ideas were plentiful, as was the booze and the drugs. Before I knew what was happening I was huddling for warmth in the corner of a shop window off of the Trocadéro. I saw a man with a camera taking my picture. I smiled, he came forward and asked if I minded if he took my picture for a story. He was an American man, and I spoke to him of my life. He agreed I would have made a poor farmer and asked me to his suite. There I became an overnight starlet, posing for pictures all over the city of Paris. Not modeling pictures, risqué, horror movie pictures. I fell in love, in love with the blood, the gore. I never wanted to wash it off, it was me and I it. I became known for my “horrorotica” and gained a cult following across the European Isles. He had a friend, an English friend, in the United States, he says I should come to America to meet and work with her. I left Paris for good and became L’estrange, the strange, after my penchant for all things covered in blood and death. And I remain, forever indebted to the Darklife, the bloodied child of my mentor, my creator.

Iva Coldheart

dont bother me .

Lady Blue

Hello all. I’m lady blue, but I’m anything but. I enjoy the fire of life and spend my days finding new ways to revel in the joys and pleasures it has to offer. Be it walks through the desert or devouring my nightly meal. I’m always looking for something exciting, and, at times, strange to explore. Messy is always an option. Be fooled not by the brightness in my eyes. There’s a ferocity yearning to escape and it seeping through…By day, you’d never suspect, but come nightfall…Come roam with me. Be my next adventure. I’m dying to sink my teeth, or claws, into you.


Anastasia is my name, I read the poems and stories none dare to read. The stories of the forgotten and lost. I like to play with sharp pointy objects and love to play in the dark. I speak 5 languages, so I'll talk to you is whatever language you prefer. My age is unknown and I like to think I'm a vampire. Perhaps I am. I was born away from here, but not too far. I play in fake blood, smoke hooka, and love tequila, fun is what I love! Laughing is key to my life, I love tattoos and piercings. I sing in the shower and loudly in my car, and love listening to angry music.

Jessica Wabbit

Voluptous , Come get lost in my curves .Feel my warm flesh wrap around you ,feed into my obsession .....feed me , pamper me , adore my flesh , my size I will dominate you in the truest definition of the word , I will demand you love me , clean me , feed me , take care of every single want and need I have ...I will alwasy be your MISTRESS


Hello. I am Nadia. I come from faraway land to entice your senses and intrigue your mind. I hope my pictures pleasure you.

Sadi Lane

Forgive me father for I have sinned, but I can’t seem to stop because I love it oh so much!! I am a hard rockin’ badass motorcycle chick who loves Harley’s, leather, and bad boys with tattoos. There’s nothing better than being dressed in leather from head to toe and feeling the vibration of my Harley between my legs, except maybe a hot boy in leather of his own doing what he does best. When I am not riding the open road, I prefer my time taking pictures for the Darklife where I can unleash my most inner bad girl desires for your viewing pleasure.

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