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I never did worry about the little things 28 images

never worry about the little things- You were fun to play with but sadly you went so quickly. A lonely house wife is what you thought I was. I have my hobbies. You had your way with me but I told you....you'd have to pay. Bound and gagged I let you grind into me, I took you for a ride. Don't worry baby I enjoyed that almost as much as taking your life. You tasted so delicious, what a mess you've made. I relish in the electricity running through my body as I clean what's left of your carcass. Now all that's left is your blood on my gloves. Husband will be home soon, time to take out the trash.

Stigmata 13 images

I will be crucified for my sins. I willingly let my body burn for your touch. Nail me to the cross. Bury yourself deeper inside of me. Look into my eyes and see my soul. I want to get lost in your darkness. Take my body and do what you will, light me on fire, have your way with my remains. Take your blade, release my blood from the corpse that lies almost but lifeless. Look into my eyes and take my soul. R.i.p. me inside as my life goes

Raw Bathtime 36 images

Miss Twye 'Miss Twye was soaping her breasts in her bathtub when she heard behind her a meaning laugh and to her delight she discovered a wicked man in the bathroom cupboard ' ..........breakfast time

Pig Head 7 images

Fillet the flesh, watch the blood squirt, throw that human steak on the grill, ill slowly eat you away, to shut you up, make you disappear, marinate your flesh in your own blood, it tastes so good, but I hate you, regurgitated flesh and hair, I eat the flesh of you I puked up again just to feel your anguish again, I can feel it, taste it, I love it, I love tasting pain, blood, hate, pathetic existence, you pathetic self deficating piece of shit,


'It is the darkest of all truths that you have to be near death to be saved'

madness 6 images

Sitting crosslegged on the concrete floor, one bulb illuminates, stomach churning, rocking back and forth, head aching, twirling, swirling, body starts twitching, convolsing, yearning, for what? I don't know, eyes turn red, rolling back in my head, BLACKOUT!! I awake, at least I think I do, am I alive or dead, look around, blood on the walls, windows and doors, knife by my side, what the fuck happened here, soo much blood, yet no dead bodies near, a single shard of glass within my reach, do I dare take a look? What will I see? What have I done? Who did I kill? Take a look, I killed the biggest beast, that beast which hates, that causes pain, I'm glad I killed it, oh shit, that beast was me!!

Lady Diana , 18 images

Caress me, bind me, uphold me to the true meaning of fear. The distance of her touch and ownership of the blade. I'm scared. Her kisses demand my soul, the cold feeling of the metal on my neck keeps me in place. She owns me. Undone, uncovered, dissolved into oblivion. She drains me and consumes me. Lust that hurts and obsession that distorts the truth. She hides me. The fear poring from my veins and the sorrow that fills them. I am me no more.


Breakfast- He has me dressed in his clothes, he claims he loves me. Trapped in this prison. "Serve me breakfast!" He yelled from the living room. I slide out the blade and smile when I see my reflection. I seductively walk into the living room with the blade behind my back. "Where's my fucking food?" He yells in my face. He likes to scream, I can help him with that. "Right here" I say sweetly. I drive the knife in his chest and watch him squirm. I carve out his heart as he tries to yell again, pushing it deeper. Fuck! now I'm covered in his blood I have to get clean but not without first eating my breakfast.

Bathtime 25 images

Fillet the flesh, watch the blood squirt, throw that human steak on the grill, ill slowly eat you away, to shut you up, make you disappear, marinate your flesh in your own blood, it tastes so good, but I hate you, regurgitated flesh and hair, I eat the flesh of you I puked up again just to feel your anguish again, I can feel it, taste it, I love it, I love tasting pain, blood, hate, pathetic existence, you pathetic self deficating piece of shit,

Breakfast 22 images

You smile now, Will you later? Its a shame you thought that you'd get away with captivating and suffocating me. What a grave mistake! Silencing your disgusting face is a frenzy growing rapidly in my bitter black veins. The knife slaughters you, and I'm starving of this perversion. This bloodbath that you've put me in has me converging my dreams into reality. I want to taste every beat, synchronizing your madness with mine. Nothing is more satisfying than your malevolant soul caressing me and teasing me with its power. Embrace me with your malignant beauty, for I will consume to very last drop of your acidic blood.

Mad Nun 5 images

Mad Nun- I've sacrificed his life to please my dark lord and make him do as I wish. The power running through my veins drives me mad. My skin burns, I feel like I'm in flames I want to fuck and kill. I will steal your soul. My hate will travel and murder all insight. The power will take my life but I laugh into the beautiful ebony of the night.


hackled and chained, locked away. Don't think you have a chance, there is no hope for you. There is no Dr.Jekyll to sympathize, to try and save your life. Sex and blood is all you are good for. If you try to refuse your punishment is death. I'll leave you to rot in the cellar you now call home. The hungry rats who have kept you company will eat all but your bones.


\'\'For God gave us spirit , not of fear but of power and love and self control\'\' 2Timothy 1:7

Demize of a Drama Queen

You wanted me to be perfect. I was not allowed to make any mistakes, I could never have a hair out of place. I had to hide what I felt inside. My mind shifts, my personality splits. All I see is red, I don't know if I am dead. Where am I? How did I get here. Who lies underneath the sand. All I see is red on my pretty white dress. Oh, I smile as I see the lifeless bodies beneath me. You wanted me perfect, your perfect little queen


y mind is in shambles, I can no longer think like I'm sane. I don't see what you see. Your heart is made of gold, so pure and so sweet. It makes me want to gut you and carve it the fuck out. I will do as I please when I find where you've been hiding. I will feed on your heart before the life flows out of your eyes. You will see what this heart of gold has cost you. The ultimate price. Your pathetic life.

come see what I did

Come see what I did. I've been a bad girl. I know you want to hurtme, spank me. Please it's disipline I need. I made a big mess when I sawed off his head. Bend me over, tie me up, choke me, bite me, make me bleed. I must pay for my misdeeds.

scream queens 11 images

I'm so afraid but your violence turns me on. I want to run and hide but I hear your voice. Calling out for me, it beckons me to submit to your will. I see the blood of victims before splattered on the walls. I'm so afraid but it's your body I crave. Open me up with your steel as you ravage me inside


what does a nurse say ? go wipe someones ass go wipe someones ass go wipe someones fucking ass. I gotta pass meds Swipe your tag dinner time Get em up UTI THATS WHAY SHE CALLED YOU A FAG What does the nurse say? Ineed that ladys hearing aids I need that ladies hearing aid DID YOU CLEAN YOUR DENTURES

Here is my heart-Take it

CALLOUS AND SANCTIFIED My shining sorrow. Heartless harlot, you leave me breathless. You’re weaving a spell, a musical trance, you advance. I slip into your arms as easy as a lover. It’s sweeter than death, your breath, hot kisses on my neck. I found tranquility there, in harsh embrace. Your love is acidic and cold, I could not help but cry. My pulse quickens and I feel nothing from you. Frozen, lonely, absolute nothing. A disillusion to the past, erasing the future. Out. A morbid lullaby in my ear, forcing my flesh to dissolve. Not yet, please my love, let me stay with you. Just a little longer. I don’t need to grow old, but not like this. Delicately I die, this time, your maniacal whim is an everlasting trust. I rust. Reduced to scraps, you sigh and move on.

Rip me open

I DID MY BEST TO SMILE I just couldn’t let you walk away. I knew I had to leave you scarred, marred, left only for me. But I went too far. I wanted to cut just enough so you could never leave. I went too deep, too wide, too long, and there was no sewing you back in place. I can still hear you screaming, even over my own weeping. You faded away from your body, a moment of longing in your eyes. I had to capture it, preserve it, make it just for me. Skin so smooth, pliable by my hands. Cleansed and manipulated. I left your back exposed, covered the rest. I just want your stare and my own handiwork, looking back at me. I had to marvel at your perfect imperfection.

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