Sweet Tooth

A RUSH INTO TERROR Candy coated confection of clandestine servitude. Sugar dusted skin, sin made apparent is the sweetest it could be. Like death at the hands of your most beloved lover. She thrives in syrupy seduction, even the steadfast are crippled when she nears. The gingerbread house and witch all rolled into one. An olfactory offense, as nothing should resonate so deeply. A horror no one can resist. Once close, she changes. Luscious to sinister, her transformation is slight, but no less terrifying. The razors in her mouth, a horrible pain to the flesh.The razors inside of her, a whole new level of anguish. Exsanguination, her favorite part, one she savors, one she ensures will last a lifetime in their mind.

The Apple

MAY I HAVE ANOTHER? She slithers to me. Through moon dust fields and verdant hills. She tempts me with her body as she glimmers by the light of the pyre. I have seen so much, yet sampled so little. I feared atrocity, and anything that was non-conformity. I burned the bodies, the desiccated dead and those forgotten. She came from regions most foul, the blacker end of the known universe, and just a little beyond. You enfold me, whisper to me in dulcet tones, and fill my mind with destruction. You extend to me your fruit, and never for even a nanosecond did I doubt you bore the most succulent fruit of all. I devoured every last drop, your juices saturating my face with nectar. You smile, pleased, triumphant even. This feeling I will always retain as the galaxy explodes into a prismatic rainbow of desolation. I have my faith, my faith in you. Glass shards penetrate my eyes and rend my flesh. The atmosphere shatters and life as we know it implodes into less than negative space. All for one divine moment in Hell.

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