Death by finger paint 19 images

Death by finger paint- I want it all around me. I have to have it in me. I see all these colors spinning all around me. I'm feeling strung out. I need to have more, I need to feel it against my naked skin. Rubbing it in, feeling it deeper inside. No no no! This cannot be a sin. Look into my eyes and see this is what I live for and this is what I'll die for. You call me crazy and I call it true love.

I'm your canvas 36 Images

I'm your canvas- I am your human canvas. Release upon me your darkest desires. Those twisted thought of lust and pain. Make me scream your name as you tighten your hands around my neck. Take my breath away and make me see stars. Fuck me hard, chain me up, tie me down, call me your bitch. Desecrate my body, I want to be your darkest wish.


… ~Diabolical~ Blue The harlot doused herself in blue, to symbolize her soul. Frozen, like her emotions, expressions, and convictions. Lifeless, her heart no longer beats, no longer bleeds. She no longer feels the need for compassion or sympathy, only destruction and despise. Hating and hurting all those around her who refuse to give in to her self-fulfilling desires. -Diabolical-

Green with Envy

Hide Green With Envy Green with envy, dripping yellow lust. She lays waiting, wishing… Posing for you. Do you want her to lay on her back, Should she look back and stare into your eyes? She waits for your direction. Each stroke of her hand across her body, As she imagines your hands stroking her Blur the colors, leaving evidence of her indiscretion. The longer she waits, the muddier the color gets. The green envy turns to darker shades of hate… As she longs for you, her colors become as dark as your heart. ~Diabolical~

Reclaimed Virginity

THE BALLAD OF ONE UNTOUCHED Purity. She exudes it, owns it, makes it her persona. Draped in virginal white she treads the air, they stare. Slack jawed and wide eyed, the mind fails to comprehend. Entranced with beauty, paralyzed by longing, the masses can only weep in wonderment. Hours, days pass, the sight of one so lovely, their only nourishment. One by one they fall. Illness wracks malnourished bodies. Pestilence marries famine in bittersweet ceremony. Dead eyes stare from sunken sockets, vision blurred when welled with tears. She stands over them all, her grandeur is deliriously delicious cruelty. The hierarchy of the damned places her in solemn emptiness. Her perfection a bane to all who bear witness to her naked flesh.A mere glance, an eternal death sentence.A graze of her skin, unparalleled torture. None may lay claim to her, all withering to nothing in her presence, the rest crushed in her absence. Her life of solitude is an abhorrent existence, yet the fates command a smile, and never will they bestow the respite, of a tear.

Trapped in a dream

SIMPLICITY IN EXCELSIOR Being of darkness. Dead beneath the gossamer veil. Dead, but enveloped in nightmarish anxiety. Dreaming of a day to be set free. Raven haired, of luxurious beauty and sinister design. Being of light. Alive in the truest of senses. Living a life most only dare dream of. Still in need of being set free. Flaxen haired, possessing a beauty reserved for goddesses within her angelic presence. When light stumbled upon the darkness, she gazed upon the exquisite corpse, so meticulously maintained. Removing the veil, darkness awakened, her obsidian eyes laying gaze into the fathomless green depths of light’s own. The red spattered cloth drifted to the cold, stone floor, and she was free. Only light can reveal the darkness, and only in darkness can the light truly thrive. They kiss. First in soft, tender motions, soon to give way to intense, animalistic passion. A unification of the two spectrums. Unencumbered by dress, darkness assists the light in removing her gown, which plummets to the ground, finding place next the veil. They take each other in tight embrace, warmth is returned to darkness while light is visibly chilled, both loving the feel of juxtaposition. Lips taunt, tongues tease, fingers probe and minds expand. The delicate waltz is but a masquerade to the greater design. It is now that the universe is formed, between darkness and light is the birth of worlds, the destruction of galaxies, the rebirth of life. Stardust envelops the two bodies as they collide. Soft breasts meet and fingers entwine as desolation erupts to apocalyptic orgasm. In unison, the universe is born only to die in cataclysmic bliss. With infinite repetition, birth and death blur the lines of reality and then all is nothing. Oblivion, for one perfect moment…

Beauty Routine

"The boundaries which divide life and death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where one ends , and where the other begins ?" 1844, E A Poe 'The premature burial "

A bit Vampy

EYES OF THE MANTIS The barrel sits firmly under my chin as the hammer clicks back. All I wanted was a kiss. One sickly sweet moment from bitter succubi. Still stained saintly in deep red spatter, a recent seduction gone awry. Perhaps a suicide of rejection. One tries not to dissect the nature of madness. You smile, finger on the trigger. Glistening body just inches from my grasp. May as well die happy. I kiss you, taking your body in my hands. I kiss you deeper than any lover had allowed. Pull you tight, sticky and close. Your body, responsive. Your moans, audible. Your joy, apparent. Barrel is shifted to temple as you let me in. And together, we indulge. Slow, deep and hard we love. As the hours pass my mind starts to shatter, fragmenting cognitive thought. Eyes staring, hungry, hopeless. I know how bad you want me. Your smile, vulpine with pleasure. Cold steel presses to my temple, harder now. Click. Silence.


PRESERVING EMOTION I found you there. Right where I left you all those years ago. I wanted to preserve you, keep you, make you mine. I would visit you daily, touch your cold skin, and tell you how much I love you. I was sad when you could not reciprocate. But I still let you know I care. Years later, after my release, I came to find you again. Down that long dirt road, in the sweltering heat of the desert. The refrigerator was old now, like the reflection in the mirror. It was rusted and corroded, just like my heart. No power ran to it, but I had hoped your skin would be just as cool. I opened the door and you greeted me, arms outstretched. Rushing into my embrace, you slipped out of your home and back into my life. Just as beautiful as the day we had met. I am sorry to have been gone for so long. I wanted to kiss you, but it had been so long, would you still accept me? Would you still listen to my traumas? In this hollow tone? Forever young, at least in my mind, you will always be my outrageous desire. I stroke your skull as your withered bones fall to pieces. I may be insane, but I will always have my memories of you.

Baby Vamp

THE PENANCE OF PLEASURE I kept her chained down there, in the back part of the basement. The place where the sun could never shine.She fed mainly on rodents, although sometimes a neighbor would “disappear”. This treat reserved on nights where she truly showed her prowess. When I reached the pinnacle of gratification. But such creatures could never be contained for long. And those chains eventually gave way. She was on me in seconds, sadly not the usual position. She savored victory for long enough and plunged those fangs to my neck. My throat torn open, she gorged, and all I could see was red.


Wild Angels

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