Dark Life Glamour


UNEARTHLY APPETITES A gentle nudging into abeyance. Obey, and find yourself with me soon. Defiance will get you everywhere though, and allow you to feel the warm sting of my whip. Just enough the mar the skin, make you tingle, make you ache. You will long for more. The touch of my hands, the grip of fists, the softness of my lips, the tenderness of my teeth. Such new, nubile flesh that has not yet felt the uncanny wrath of true pain, boisterous and indulgent. I’ll whisper to you a lullaby and place you on the verge of sleep. My fingers tightening around your throat. Hush my love, it will all begin soon. This is not the end. An affliction of lust, disregard all caution and morality here. In my arms you will find no salvation. Let your mind flow with wanderlust as your body is wracked in strain. I feel you tighten, muscles clench, almost there. Denied.

Glamour without wings

MOTHER OF HARLOTS Fragments of a soul, all that remains. Displaced, disgraced, decimated, disintegrated. Down deep denial begs to be born. I had never seen such desire, lust. I had never experienced so much pleasure, pain. Savagely she engulfed me in tormented embrace, tearing and ripping into me. A transgression of my last shred of dignity. Her jaw unhinged, and all I could hear was screaming. From. Inside. Of. Her. Ravenously ravishing me, she inflicted nearly as much suffering as splendor. They ran together as thick paint, each color mingling until black, one in the same. Unable to decide whether to laugh or cry or scream or moan or whisper or… It was a madness that crushed every sane concept I had ever witnessed. Warped my perception, pulverized my psyche, manipulated my mind. I died thousands of times, each more horrific as time went on. Every second a violent retribution, and the space in-between was a new way to run red. Oh wait. I think I’m just in love.

Burnt Red

LUST AS A FUNERAL PYRE My own private Hell. I should feel privileged. Nary shall I be forced to swim through a pit of needles, filled with substances I dare not guess. Nor shall I be melted into other people just to have maggots, agonizingly slow, burrow out of our decomposing flesh. Spared the agony of watching my own children eat my flesh to the bone, over and over. No, I dare say that my personal Hell could be nothing but a pleasure trip. But she was there. Her hair aflame, her words cinders, sweet delusions in my ears. Her skin, mere inches from my grasp, denied. She turned away from me, revealing yet more of her body. I yearned so clumsily, and all she could do was scream at me. Such failure, it ravaged my mind. The world was of a dream. The ground rippled beneath my tread, the sky shattering into less than nothing. She disappeared beneath the shards of night, still screaming at my faults. So rejected, I had no choice but to end my life. I cut my throat with an ebony shard and nothing came forth but sand. I could feel nothing, on the one occasion where I wanted to feel everything.


JUST LIKE YOU IMAGINED Mired in melancholy, I sought you in bitter repose. Love is hardly splendored, it is splintered, caustic, a chemical burn on my heart. I promised to love, not just here, not just now, but the soon, the far out, the ever after, and beyond. But Death whispered softly in your ear, climbed into your bed, and took you away. Moments later you were cold, sighed your last breath, and I never heard your voice again. Now I search for you. Into pragmatic dimensions filled with a bounty of endless suffering. On razors I crawl for miles, boundless miles. Ignoring the sheer agony that wracked my body, steeped in the illusion of some clandestine journey of good intentions. Skinned alive and wrapped in leather, my eyelids were removed to ensure every degree of torture was beyond reproach. The constant screaming began to take on a certain odor, like desperation and loss in sickly synesthesia. Drag me through a hall of broken glass, and rusty shards. I would burn alive for a hundred and ninety-nine thousand years for a chance to touch you again. Spend millions of lifetimes being eaten alive by rabid wolves for a solitary kiss. Just one last time. Desire chews me up and spits me out, a mangled shell of myself, when you were by my side. I have not found you yet, there is so much more to endure, and I can taste every sadistic stroke of the blade. Wait for me, there is much torment in store. My passion for martyrdom. My penance for love. Solitude. Agony. Bliss.

All Alone

FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM A come hither glance, a sparkle in your eyes, a gesture of your hand. You lead me beyond temptation, to a place where lust runs unchecked, and there is always the promise of something more. Something you can never have. Innocence lost, yet your eyes so blue. Virtue in a land of sin, could it be true? You wish me to unburden you through vigorous act, and I shall gleefully comply. You lay yourself to the floor, with an unsure muttering in your eyes. You pull me closer, closer still. Hot breath on my neck. Four words in my ear. But before I can correlate her speech, she devours me.

Bold Elegance

Hide Pink Fantasy In her own fantasy she is all that is delectable and innocent. She is as sweet as candy on your lips. Her hair is that of spun sugar. Her clothes are icing and sprinkles that top your favorite treat. The bed she lays on for you is adorned with sweet smelling rose petals. She waits for you to eat her up. But never forget that every fantasy here has a darker side Her candy rots your teeth… Her spun sugar captures you in its sticky web… Her icing and sprinkles hide what truly lies beneath… Her beds of roses hide blood thirst thorns… In the end it is she who will eat you up… After all, this is her pink fantasy…. ~Princess~

Pink Fantasy

Lay me down ,stand over me .My eyes gently flutter as the first grain hits my skin , goosebumps and a surge of adrenalin rush over me .Laughter escapes my lips as I slowly move my fingers over my skin .


THE SCARS OF TOMORROW, TODAY Somehow you always knew I was there. For years I never thought I would get it through to you. The way my gaze danced over your naked breasts, shimmering by candlelight. Your legs, so luscious, begging for me to taste them. And as for what lay further, so pliable by tongue, I will take my time. There are no bounds to the depths of my heart when it comes to you. Nary has anyone else even chipped below the ice. You travel for miles and never even bother to unravel my complexity. Your eyes. Somehow they slay me every time. Every time you don’t look at me. You lay there cold and restless when I could grant you comfort and warmth. Just give me the ability to walk away. Ageless, never to grow old, your beauty growing beyond the scope of words. Your cruelty becoming that much sweeter. All tears left me long ago, as granules of sand run down my cheeks. I have to ponder. Will the eventual taste of your skin, drive me further to madness? Will I eternally wait for nothing, on the hope that it’s everything? If I could just ignore you, like you ignore me.

The big girls doll house

OBSESSION AND LOSS I saw you there. I followed you everywhere. I came to know you. I came to love you. From afar. Inching closer, I watched friends and lovers, they all came and went. But I was always here for you. When you cried, I was your shoulder in the shadows. When you laughed, I felt alone. But now I have you, in my very hands. A little too unresponsive for my liking, but I will make due. Your skin was so soft, I just wanted to eat it. I had hoped the chains wouldn’t mar you too much. But your silence was necessary and I had to remove your tongue, seal you up tight. Bound and gagged, such a beauty. My charms were never lost upon you, and I knew you would succumb eventually. So wide eyed and terrified, you have no idea what delicious suffering I have in mind for you. I’m going to kiss you now.

White Glamour

POWER, STRUGGLE, SURRENDER My lips to yours, fingers entwined. The first kiss, the most primal, probing, lustful kiss I’ve ever experienced. It’s like my body withered into your flesh, my essence leaving you supple and secure. My bones, brittle, my skin, decaying, my mind, wavering. Enslaved, enthralled, enveloped, eradicated by your eyes. I’m alive, but only in my mind, slipping and sliding into grandiose abyss. Smeared black ink across memories once so clear. I was a physical representation of myself, not a reprehensible misfit of hellish desires. I burned for you, yearned for you and finally earned you in warm embrace. Perilous polarity, you found my love, but it was posthumous. In seconds I disintegrated from your touch. Your lips bitter, sweet, bittersweet, endorphins rushing into my brain. No build up to anticipation, just raw, unbridled emotion, untethered and unrelenting. My body, now stardust, covering your naked flesh. You exhale and sigh in pleasure, a slight smile cracking your lips. Touch yourself, feel me and take me to the place where I found my love for you. Sweet nectar of the stars. Dark and void, adrift in abhorrent dimensions, I still feel your lips, sense your skin, and touch oblivion with you in my thoughts. Damned, and a kiss I longed for, all this time.

Fuck my EX

DEAD IN THE EYES OF OUR LORD Your eyes are empty, just how I left them. You seek security in chemicals, a way to dull the pain, while I reopen old wounds. Physically and metaphorically. I refuse to allow you be my most prominent failure. So close now, I feel you skin, naked and warm. Still so readily manipulated. I will strap you down, fill your head with illusions, delusions, deep winded sensory deprivational seclusion. I’ll hold you down, until you really are alone. You will never love anything again and emptiness will be your timeless security. I will strip you to nothing and change you into something less than human. You beg for death but cannot die. Life will be your most meticulous torment. What I always told myself anyhow. I felt turnabout was fair play but my life has never been fair. On and on it goes, thick and thin, obfuscated and crystal clear. Sometimes it’s ok to live a lie, just as long as it gets you through the day.


INJECTED WITH SPLENDOR: Lounging so luxuriously. Lurking, just beyond the peripheral. She waits, this cavern, her lair, like a spider, waiting for the fly. Her naked flesh enveloped in ivy. Hard to tell which is more poisonous; the plant, or her stare. Would it matter? Her minions aid in my own disrobing and lead me to her. Her arms are open, but she looks away, never have I felt so inferior. My hands drift up her legs, finding patches of smooth skin beneath the rough leaves. Closer I delve, deeper, deeper, a moan. Right there. Suddenly I am worth acknowledging. She guides me closer, closer than I ever dare dream. The body gives way, opening, hungry. I felt like I had died, never was the bliss so damaging. To my body, my mind, my very soul. Feverish in seconds, my vision blurred, pulse quickened and muscles ached. But I had not come this far to fail her now. I maintained, forced myself through unimaginable suffering until my body was a desiccated corpse. And with a final thrust of my pelvis, she bellowed in ecstasy, her banshee wail causing my husk of a body to obliterate into the air. Billions of miniscule shards coated the rock ceiling, and for the first time in a long time, it snowed underground.

Tin Shower

BEHIND THE LENS I watched you there. Bound up and so very vulnerable. Those big eyes, filled with tears. You could barely even look at me. I had to stop thinking of you, so I could find you. Had to stop looking at you, so I could talk to you. Had to keep you quiet, so you would be mine. All mine. Pose for me. Just the way I like. And cry. Don’t forget to cry. The pictures are always better when you emote. Now look at me. Love me. I said look at me. Don’t stop. Now love me. Let me see it in your eyes. Not fear, love! Just pretend. Even for a moment. Pretend I’m someone else, just let me see it. Useless. Once again. This one fails to follow direction. Just like all the rest. I wrap her in plastic and I know she wants to scream. Difficult with that gag in her mouth. The rope is a snug fit, but it works. And so she dangles there, wrapped up tight, struggling. There. That’s the face. Emotion! The fear was always there but there’s more. Panic as she steps into her fate. A delicious cavalcade of physical and mental expression as she slowly strangulates. What a performer. And finally as the last breath draws near, I see it. Love. Love for those she’ll leave behind. Her final thought, that one closest to her heart. Ecstasy.

She-devil on Heels

SUFFERING… QUID PRO QUO Preparing for a lonely evening, you came to me. Now nothing will ever be the same. Painted skin so smooth, supple. Damn near moved me to tears. A beauty not unlike a distant star, slowly dying. Forgive me, for I know not how to restrain myself, with such a bounty placed before me. The chains slowly lacerate me, mild at first, quickly turning severe. But never did I grimace in pain, I had no choice but to beg for more. The fear and agony all meshed together into some horrible, cataclysmic ecstasy. The world dissolved around me, frightened by my screams and my sickly apparent joy. My turn. Beneath the crimson glow of triple moons, across a landscape of infinite foreboding, I take your exquisite body into my hands. You are slick with sweat from a job well done, but I have other fluids I wish to release. Deep, dark, sticky and red. I trace the lines of your body with my fingers, just before I set you free. But not yet, I love to bide my time with flesh so pliable. We have eternity here, after all.

The Hat

REFLECTIONS OF A DARK HEART That first day she was in the park, quite a distance away. Her skin was that of a porcelain doll. I couldn’t help but think to myself: “She should get out of the sun, she would burn with skin like that.” At least she wore that wide brim hat, to shade her face. The second time I saw her was just outside the shop window. What a coincidence. Of course it turned out not to be. When I moved closer, tried to get outside, she was gone. Saw that wide brim hat for just a moment, then, she disappeared into the crowd. The last time I saw her, or anything, she was on the edge of my bed. Quarter past midnight, she crept up the sheets to me. I wasn’t afraid, not at first. Her hands were cold, feeling them even through the blanket, as she touched my legs. She drew closer and I took off her hat, immediately recognizing the face. But I know she’s gone, long buried. I still remember the day, she did burn, and scream. It still echoes in my ears. She leaned in closer for a kiss. They never stay away for long.

No Soul

SOULS ARE NOT FOR THE WICKED Queen of the masquerade. Her loyal subjects, the pale dead, still moving to the music laid forth by phantom throats. Her ivory beauty, a stark resonance in this hall of the damned. Flaxen hair draped around her shoulders, the mask barely covering her face, but never her eyes, as her gaze locks onto me. I shamble through the ghostly crowds at a painfully slow speed, as if mired in a dream. She waits, the mask falling to her feet, her gown soon follows. She is gorgeous. A creature unlike any I have seen. So close, just one touch, one kiss, one moment in time to last forever and a day. Every step I take, ten back, further and further away. Her arms outstretched, body ready, and so very willing. I struggle and run, only to fall in reverse. Her lips pout as I fall further away, her impatience grows when I am just out of reach. When I was a mile away or so… I swear I could hear someone laughing.

Nikki Sinn -in-white. 15 images

'But deadeye dick would not come quick, He ment to converse his powers, When in the mind hed grind and grind For more than a couple of hours . She lay a while with a subtle smile And then her grip grewkeener, And with a sigh she sucked him dry With th ease of a vacum cleaner. Shedid this feat in a way so neat As to get at grand defiance The primary cause of the basic laws That goven all sxual science. She simply rode that phallic tool, That for years had stood the test, And accepted rules of the ancient schools In a second or two went west ' -Anonymous

The Lusting hour

AN UNYIELDING THIRST Goddess. You reveal just enough of yourself to peak my interest. Hide that perfect amount to ensure I will never leave. You destroy me with your eyes, lobotomize me with your body. I could not have asked for anything more. You film my downfall. I was once a man. Proud and strong. You obliterate my will, my integrity, my one solemn vision of the world. I am yours, for as long as you deem fit. I care not for the mere contrivances of the flesh, my loss of precious fluids. My increased isolation in your ominous presence. I assume this fate with sumptuous carnality. I do not care what becomes of me, just as long as I can sample your virtue, with one last furious, indulgent moment. I would call it love, but such things come from that part of the mind that was subsequently devoured by you, upon first contact. Thank you. Thank you for allowing me the simple want that carried me through bitter pestilence, and unrepentant death. At least I went with a smile on my face.

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