Breasts and Butts

Legs and Things 44 images

INJECTED WITH SPLENDOR: Lounging so luxuriously. Lurking, just beyond the peripheral. She waits, this cavern, her lair, like a spider, waiting for the fly. Her naked flesh enveloped in ivy. Hard to tell which is more poisonous; the plant, or her stare. Would it matter? Her minions aid in my own disrobing and lead me to her. Her arms are open, but she looks away, never have I felt so inferior. My hands drift up her legs, finding patches of smooth skin beneath the rough leaves. Closer I delve, deeper, deeper, a moan. Right there. Suddenly I am worth acknowledging. She guides me closer, closer than I ever dare dream. The body gives way, opening, hungry. I felt like I had died, never was the bliss so damaging. To my body, my mind, my very soul. Feverish in seconds, my vision blurred, pulse quickened and muscles ached. But I had not come this far to fail her now. I maintained, forced myself through unimaginable suffering until my body was a desiccated corpse. And with a final thrust of my pelvis, she bellowed in ecstasy, her banshee wail causing my husk of a body to obliterate into the air. Billions of miniscule shards coated the rock ceiling, and for the first time in a long time, it snowed underground.

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