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The last shoot we did had mannequins in it , so over my ”morning cofffee and smokes I researched the ”fetish” and discovered some interesting stuff .

An agalmatophile is a person who eroticizes senarios related to mannequins, robots and the like .
He or she may, for example have a strong desire to touch someone who is completely inmobilized or unable to prevent themselfs from being undressed.Conversely,there maybe a desire to be dressed as a mannequin and rendered helpless.

Agalmatophilism is said to exist most frequently among window dressers, who are prone to fantasize about the mannequins they are dressing .Some artists’models too-after long posing sessions-have admitted to fantasizing about becoming the sculpture themselves,surrendering to the artists’hands and relishing the sensuous feeling of touch .

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Shoot concepts

Good morning , So ive finally figured out what I want the ”blog” spot to discuss , along with any questions or comments you beautiful creatuers may have , I will not only be posting random shenanigans but all the shoot concepts and ideas we have .
If you are not already aware the membership site will be FREE ACCESS soon , we decided to do this as the pesky folks at visa and mastercard censored the shit out of us ! we had to abide by as STRICKT ”bad word ”list which naturally included some pretty disguting words but when WE COULDNT EVEN USE THE WORD BLOOD OR BOUND , because it was ”offensive ” to some that when we though ”ok were out ”……

So 2014 is turning into a gory year ! weve been live 6 monthsnow and learnt alot ! the sirens featured on the site are some of the most amazing women ive ever met. we keep our group small and theres a process to becoming a darklifesiren (you have to like us and we you blah blah blah )but that seems to work just fine .

We’d love to hear some of your crazy ideas and shoot concepts , if we choose you we’ll feature a article and give thanks and praise to you so get your thinking caps on folks .

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